From 40 minutes to 2 hours – as a stand alone activity or as part of your Away Day.

Fast and Fun Workshop – 40 minutes

If you need a burst of colour, fun and energy in your event day – this could be the perfect energiser you need.  We will bring pre blown balloons and delegates will learn how to make a balloon dog or balloon flower to take away with them.

1 – 2 hours

Learning how to make a balloon animal and balloon creation is a great team building activity or breakout group.

Our professional balloon artist will demonstrate the making of a simple balloon animal, and the basics of balloon modelling including tying the knot and some of the different twist.  Delegates will be divided into small groups and each group will receive balloons and pumps and begin to practice – helping each other as well getting creative.

Team Creation

Each group will  now have the opportunity to express themselves through the medium of balloons and create a team creation – theme will be given on the day.  They then get time to have fun, work as a team and create their sculpture.  At the end each group must tell the room what they have made and why.

We provide all balloons, pumps and professional trainers to make your team get the best of the event.

Why bring this workshop to your away day or event – here are just some of the reasons –

  • The team will understand that each individual has different talents and strength
  • The groups will learn that working together brings out the best in each other and the final result
  • The importance of team work
  • The opportunity to allow their creativity to show through
  • Understanding the importance of team work.
  • The importance of time management

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