Full Focus Transformation

11th June 11am to 4pm


Many hands make light work

Full Focus Transformational Day

11th June 11am to 4pm



A collaboration of inspirational, creative people, experiences, workshops and talks. Sharing great projects, ideas, inspirational tales and stories of fair energy exchange, good work ethics, and unique practice.

Full Focus Transformational Day

  • Workshop
  • Inspirational pep talks
  • Mind Full Focus
  • Movement & Rhythm
  • Children’s workshop
  • Storytelling and tales
  • Creative networking


We are a community of people who at the heart of their practice aim to bring positive change through their work right here in the heart of Cardiff.

This day is a  positive opportunity for you to find out more about what’s happening on a grass-root level in Cardiff. We are creating a platform, for artists,  entrepreneurs and creative individuals who have transformational and good ethics at the heart of the practice.
Here we can meet up with friends, meet new ones, network, be inspired and eat great food.


Veronica Conway is fully certified, trainer and performer. She draws on her experience from working both in the voluntary sector and as a performer to bring a unique spin to the workshops and training she delivers. From leaving a career to follow her dreams in 2007 was yet another big step in her life and since then become a freelancing trainer, mentor, public speaker, inspirational storyteller, and performer.

Mario Morris Draws from his life experience, his career as Magician and global travel. Mario is passionate about the arts, performance and enjoys seeing people reaching their goal and stepping into the fullness of their dreams. He is a personal coach and mentor to many students of the arts, entrepreneursbusinesses & creative individuals who regularly benefit from his coaching and workshops.

Other Speakers information will be placed here when confirmed.

Venue:   41 Lochaber St, Cardiff CF24 3LS, UK

Date:      11 June 2017  11 am – 4 pm