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Mario Morris Coaching and training

Mario Morris

Drawing from his life and career experience Mario’s coaching will help you discover your own personal breakthrough. His practice is often described as life changing, transformational and inspiring. His full focus coaching is in partnership with you, facilitating your best learning style and breakthrough. He is a coach, trainer, and mentor, internationally many students of the arts, entrepreneurs, businesses & creative individuals regularly benefit from his coaching and workshops. He also a Magician, public speaker, who has performed in 27 countries.

  • He is a certified Coach and Mentor who trained at Oxford Brookes Universty with a focus on Coaching and Mentoring and achieved level 7 accreditation. 
  • In 2006 he founded The School of Busking (a focus that has helped hundreds of street performers discover their full potential)
  • He is the long-standing teacher at the world famous Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.
  • He has delivered his unique training programs to entrepreneurs, businesses, and creative individuals.
  • He has trained, coached and worked alongside world-renowned magicians, scholars and public speakers.

He is a personal coach and mentor to many students of the arts, entrepreneurs, businesses and creative individuals who regularly benefit as well as providing group coaching and training.

He has over two decades of experience performing magic shows, training, public speaking, and storytelling.  He is regularly invited to bring his expertise to events around the world. His training has helped many high-performance shows and presentations, in some cases, his training has led to students to go on perform award winning performances.

His life story from his rough and tumble teens, overcoming impossible odds, near life and death experience, world travel, self-discovery, entrepreneurship. show business, training, and coaching are an inspiration and make him a fascinating guest speaker and performer. Contact Mario directly to find out what he can do for you.

Veronica Conway

Veronica Conway is fully certified, trainer and mentor.  She is passionate in seeing people reaching their goal and stepping into the fullness of their dreams. Her vast experience in mentoring and training spans over two decades.

In 2007  Veronica took yet another big step and left her position of Volunteer Services Manager and became a freelancing trainer, mentor, public speaker, inspirational storyteller and performer.

As a freelancer, Veronica’s experience has rocketed, not just from world travel – she has invested a considerable amount of her focus on developing her skills.

Drawing knowledge from working  alongside world leading experts, teachers, and performers from the world of show business.

Often flying to Las Vegas working and learning behind the scenes of the Mystery School of Magic, as well as being part of the Mario Morris international show and training programs.

Veronica lives her life to the full and has  overcome many  challenges to get to  where she is in life. As a result of her  life experiences, she has a unique way of empowering people to move forward, become motivated and reach their goals.



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