Sacred Arts Circle 

Every 2nd Friday of the month

7- 9 pm

Be the change you want to be

Be the change that you want to see

Every 2nd Friday of the month

7- 9 pm

Drumming, storytelling, creative play, meditation, mindfulness and vision work

Come join us for evenings of creative play and mindfulness, meditation, drumming, story telling, positive energy and vision work.  This open invitation is to all who have open minds and respectful hearts to both our fellow human beings and the Earth that we live on.

During these guided evenings together we will explore the finer art of positive thinking, words of attraction, and living. You will learn rituals and exercises that you can take home and practice and it will help lead you to a healthier, more positive and productive life.

No experience needed.

£8 per session

We don’t want money to be an issue to anyone coming along. We have a couple of spaces for those who would like to come but can only make a smaller contribution to the evening – send us a message at, and we will be delighted to see you there.



Venue - Stretchy Suzies Studio

Doors will be open from 6.45 pm.  We have the use of a lovely yoga studio, so we take our shoes off when we arrive.  You may want to wear clothes that feel comfortable in for sitting down, drumming and some movement.